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Ease your aches and pains with therapeutic bath soaks, body washes and lotions from Village Naturals Therapy.

Frequently asked questions

about Village Naturals Therapy

  • Where can I find Village Naturals Therapy products?

    Our website features a store locator tool and "buy online" links on each product page to help you quickly and easily find a convenient place to buy Village Naturals Therapy products. If you have trouble finding a product, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

  • What is the recommended usage level for Village Naturals Therapy products in the bathtub?

    For a standard size bathtub, 2 ounces of Foaming Bath Oil will provide rich, long-lasting lather. We also recommend you use about 2 capfuls (2 ounces) of our Mineral Bath Soak. For the new Foaming Bath Soak, two handfuls (about 4 ounces) will provide a soothing soak. However, since water types and bathtub sizes vary, we encourage you to adjust the suggested usage levels to your preference.

  • How can I learn about special promotions, new products, and product updates?

    Special promotions will be posted in the Offers section. We also occasionally send out coupons in our email newsletter, and on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Are your products made in the United States?

    Yes, all Village Naturals Therapy products are made in the United States.

  • Are your products approved to use in a whirlpool or hot tub?

    While we believe our non-foaming products are safe to use in whirlpools or hot tubs, we do recommend you check with the manufacturer of the tub to be certain.

  • How can I review your products on my website or blog?

    If you are interested in reviewing Village Naturals Therapy products or hosting a giveaway, please send a request to Johnna Vogelbacher at or call 612-746-4610. Please share details about your website, your audience and plans for reviewing or giving away the product.

  • Why can’t I find the Village Naturals Therapy Tension Relief Lotion in stores?

    Our Tension Relief Lotion, also known as Headache Relief Lotion, was discontinued a few years ago because we no longer had distribution for this product in retail stores. While we no longer have any of this product in inventory, we offer Muscle Relief Lotion, which offers similar relief when applied to the neck and temples.

  • What is The Village Company’s relationship with Village Naturals Therapy?

    The Village Company is the parent company of Village Naturals Therapy. Visit to learn more.

  • Are any of your products tested on animals?

    The Village Company is strongly against testing products on animals. All of our products are cruelty-free and no products are tested on animals.

  • Do Village Naturals Therapy products expire?

    All products have been tested for at least a three-year shelf life. As time passes the fragrance and color may fade, but the overall function of the product will remain intact.

  • How do you ensure your products are safe?

    Our Research & Development Team formulates all Village Company products to fully comply with relevant regulations in the United States. We test all products to evaluate their stability over time and under various conditions. Our labs perform microbial testing, among other tests, to ensure the safety of our products. The Quality Assurance Department evaluates production at each stage and issues requirements after production to verify quality.